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Sergiu Palii

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Technologies are developing day by day and we even do not always manage to get accustomed to one innovation, when a new one emerges! Initially, we faced stretch ceiling techniques which produced a good effect; now, we are amazed with fancies of 3D graphics. We are handling a new floor covering technology – poured floors. So, what else can we anticipate in the future?

With Decor Floors Company you can be ready for whatever comes!

As a matter of your convenience, we offer exclusively high-quality construction and finishing materials. Decorative stretch ceilings, poured floors (by the way, some varieties thereof produce a unique 3D effect) will touch the feelings even of the most skeptic customer. Due to our collaboration with first-rate manufacturers and designers, we will create an amazing atmosphere in your house. Our specialists will not only advise you on the most suitable finishing decorative materials for your home, based on the proposed range, but will also assist you with the installation of any selected decorative items.

“Decor Floors” – is your opportunity of joining the amazing world of decorative walls, floors and ceilings in your house.

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