An Unusual Team
The team that built this marketplace for the building industry consists of three leading lights: a builder with knowledge of what is needed, a business analyst who devised the model, and a technician to make it all work. They were supported by an army of developers, quality assurers, and designers.
Exactly The Right Deals
Our marketplace attracts every kind of specialist from architect and designer to bricklayer and glazier, so the client can get precisely the service needed and discover the fair market price.
A Quality Service
Each of the specialists in our marketplace has a profile on this website; is vetted before getting the Find-A-Builder seal of approval; and is continually appraised. At the end of a job, the client leaves feedback on the website that describes the task; evaluates the result; and tells us about their project experience. As you can imagine, the knowledge that they have appreciative and discerning clients, encourages our members to do their best.
Advice Or Help
If you do not know which specialist you need for your particular situation, or you have difficulty deciding what needs to be done, send us an email and we will do our utmost to help.
Fee Strategy
We do not charge for leads or for deals. We just charge for services provided: building professionals pay an annual joining fee to use the Find-A-Builder infrastructure – rather like the UK road tax.
A Better Building World
We do everything we can to ensure that in our marketplace, buyers and sellers are a good match; building projects are efficient and produce the desired result; team members work cooperatively; few disputes arise; and any issues are resolved quickly.