Before Work Begins
As a member of Find-a-Builder, we commit, in relation to each prospective project, to
ensuring we are
• competent to carry it out
• have time to carry it out
giving a brief description of the works to be undertaken
quoting or estimating the price for the work described.

For each awarded project, we commit to
making a written contract with our client
arranging sufficient public liability and employer’s liability insurance to cover the project
fulfilling all contractual obligations to the client with great integrity and care.
The Written Contract
We commit also to providing a written contract that contains
• the estimated or quoted price of the project
• a list of the works and materials included in the price
• approximate commencement and completion dates
and, if the project requires this, states
• who will contact the local Building Control inspector
• who will get local authority planning consents
• a description of the insurance-backed warranty.
and states the payment terms
• any agreed deposit
• any deposit protection policy
• amounts of staged payments
• approximate stage dates.
Alternatively, it should contain
• day-work rates, and
• standard terms and conditions.
During The Project
During the project we commit to
• doing the work to the best of our ability according to the agreement between us and the client
• briefing the client regularly on progress
• giving any relevant notices to the Building Control Authority unless the contract specifies otherwise
• developing a good working relationship with our client or their appointed representative
• discussing any concerns we have about the work with our client as soon as possible
• informing our client of any unforeseen problems or delays as early as possible
• supplying the client with any samples of materials and fittings for prior approval as needed
• confirming verbally and in writing any changes to the work specified or extra costs
• agreeing these with the client before this work begins
• ensuring our employees and subcontractors will at all times treat the client and their property with respect
• ensuring that the working site is and remains a safe, clean and healthy environment
• taking responsibility for the work and behavior of any day-workers or sub-contractors that we engage.
Completed Work
When the work is complete we commit to
• properly disposing of any rubbish, rubble or waste
• leaving the site clean, tidy and ready for use
• giving any relevant instruction manuals, guarantees, and work completion certificates to the client
• briefing the client about any relevant maintenance or operating matters
• agreeing a return date with the client to remove any defects or to do “snagging”.
If we have a disagreement with the client, we commit to:
• trying to resolve the disagreement by discussion and by reference to the agreement or contract
• using the Issues Resolutions Procedure, if discussion does not resolve the matter – see ISSUES
Client Agent
If we are acting as an Agent, we commit
• to making a single written contract for the whole client project which could include all or some of the following: identifying a suitable plot or property, design, build, furnish, make ready to inhabit, make local introductions, and finance the whole
• to appointing only other members of Find-a-Builder to carry out the work.