At Find a Builder we understand how time consuming it is to get quotes and choose the right builder for your project. That’s why we’ve brought together a network of specialists to help you save time and money.
How Post a Job Works

How Post a Job Works

1. Enter Your Details
You give us a location and a short description of your job (optionally your phone number, if you wish to be contacted by builders directly)
2. Specialists Notifed
We notify all relevant specialists about your project
3. Specialists Register Their Interest
Builders and other specialists register their interest and availability
4. You Receive a List of Specialists
You receive the list of interested builders, study their profiles and examples of previous jobs and decide who to call and agree on details.
5. Specialist Calls You
Optionally: you receive phone calls directly from interested builders

Search For a Specialist

1. About your job
You key in the postcode of your job & specialist type you require.
2. Your Details
We show you the list of all available specialists.
3. Confirmation
You study builders’ profiles and should you like someone you call them directly and agree on details.
Find a Builder helps you make money by sending leads straight to your mobile device. With our easy online job management system Find a Builder helps to save you time and make you money.

How To Become A Member

1. Register as a Member
You get a membership with Find a Builder.
2. Create a Profile
Find a builder creates a dedicated profile page boasting all the information about your business as well as your direct contact details.
3. Receive Job Notifications
Jobs start coming to you in three ways:
Clients post the jobs in our system and we send them either straight to your mailbox or via text messages. Interested in a job? Reply to our email and we notify the client. Can’t be bothered with some jobs? No problem, just ignore them and someone else will pick them up.
Clients browse our website, find your profile, read your reviews, see examples of your previous work, find your contact details and call you directly to agree on details.
Clients look for a builder in Google, Bing or in any other search engine. Find your profile and contacts and call you directly.
4. Single Annual Fee
For all these services you only pay an annual joining fee of£500. That’s it! No fees for jobs, leads or communications with the clients.