issues process
All our members agree to a code of practice which is designed to ensure for each project, a win-win outcome for both client and member.

If you, as a Find-A-Builder client, have an issue with a member or if you, as a member, have an issue with a Find-A-Builder client we suggest you talk to the member or client about the problem and give them a chance to resolve it e.g. by finishing any unfinished work or completing payments. Stay calm, even if you are angry, and be specific in support of your claims. Be fair, keep a written record and allow the member or the client to respond to your points.

If this does not resolve the matter, you can use our issues process. Describe the work that gave rise to the problem, describe the problem, give your contact details and those of the other party as well as the address or location of the site. We will then communicate the relevant facts to the other party and ask for their response.

When information from both parties has been gathered, our issues team will make some suggestions about how the matter might be resolved. If the matter is still not settled, and both parties agree to seek adjudication, we can arrange for an independent adjudicator to deal with it. The adjudicator will charge by the hour at £120 per hour for up to 10 hours and will decide which party shall pay his fees. If adjudication is not accepted, we will close the issue.

We reserve the right to ban either or both parties from Find-A-Builder.

This issues process may not be suitable for complex commercial or multi-issue disputes. It cannot be used if either party has started legal proceedings.

We retain the information about the dispute for no more than six years from the date when its issue process ends. We will not give it to a third party without your consent, unless we are legally obliged to do so.